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Transponder solution




The ASI GmbH offers location technology which has become increasingly important in the areas of logistics, medicine and industry.

Our Systems have been operating successfully for many years, especially in large forwarding agencies, hospitals and care homes.

Their advantage is that they can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Typical areas of application are the tracking of people, material, vehicles, radio scanner tracking, as well as charge carrier tracking.

Hereby different technologies (for example WiFi-based-site-tracking solutions, as well as GPS/LPS -technologies) are applied.

Another important link of this system is the mobile data collection device.

The technical demands on these devices are very high.

In addition to the required preconditions like current operating systems, robust technology and user-friendly design, the integration of tracking technology is crucial.


Use/ Fields:

Merchandise and goods, parcels and palettes, vehicles as well as people can be tracked directly – even in enclosed spaces.

Indirect tracking of goods is carried out via radio scanners or fork lift tracking ensuring

continuous and reliable interaction of people, vehicles, goods and machines.



-transport and logistics

-health care industry

-personal security

-facility management

-access and security / safety technology




DL Memor X3


                               Footage: copyright Datalogic S.p.A.


The Memor X3 has unique features in the range of light-weight and compact terminals.

Users have the choice between various scanner technologies, e.g. linear imager, laser scanning and 2D imager. Furthermore the device has a strong battery, Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, a bright touchscreen, as well as a 806 MHz processor and therefore stands for high performance in a small format.



-          ergonomical, compact, robust

-          reading options: laser, wide-aspect 2D imager, linear imager ( all with green spot reading confirmation)

-          two battery options: 1430 mAh and 2300 mAh

-          Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 Core or CE 6.0 Pro

-          X-ScaleTM PXA310 @ 806 MHz processor with Windows CE Pro models/ 624 MHz with Windows CE Core

-          Summit embedded IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n radio with CCX V4 security

-          256 MB RAM with Windows CE Pro models / 128MB with Windows CE Core

-          512 MB flash memory

-          accessible micro-SD-card-slot

-          withstands falls from 1,2m hight on to bconcrete, gorilla glass!! scanning window with laser models

-          IP54 protection class

2D Verfifier Printers





Our new verifier printer solution based on the H-Class printer series by Datamax O´Neil enables optimised testing of barcodes, dot-matrix codes and other label data.

For this purpose the Datamax O´Neil H-Class has been upgraded with a high performance 2D scanner and equipped with extensive and configurable company developed software.

With the aid of the verifier printer solution the labels printed with the H-Class printer can be recorded by the 2D Scanner and tested for correctness and printing quality directly after they are printed. In this way the technology solution verifies 1D and 2D barcodes as well as dot-matrix-codes and other label data content ”on the fly” without disruption to the printing process.


This new verifier printing solution offers you numerous benefits.

It allows you to check your documents and data directly after printing during the workflow process.


The verifier printing solution was originally developed for use in the automobile and automobile supplier industry, but in addition also meets the requirements of other sectors where utmost data security in manufacture and along the supply chain plays a vital roll in ensuring product quality.

Forklift Terminals and Industrial Computers




New Partnership between SOREDI Touch Systems and the ASI GmbH


The new product line by SOREDI Touch Systems enables the right solutions for 

countless ranges of application and many specific requirements to be found.

We would like to introduce the following models to you:


SH Series – ideal for mobile use!

The robust devices from the SH series are particularly suitable for the use on fork lifts or conveyor vehicles.


They are characterized by:

-energy efficient processors for low power consumption

-high performance antennae for the best WLAN-reception/ high signal strength

-resistive touch pannels for optimal handling (even when wearing gloves)

-freely programmable keys

-numerous interfaces: Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, RS232


SH Blackline – high performance allrounder

The multi-touch displays of the latest Blackline series are equipped with antireflective armoured glass and therefore combine highest stability with excellent operating comfort. Depending on requirements, the devices can be delivered in various sizes and/or be equipped with either energy efficient or performance optimized processors.

Further highlights are:

-protection against dust and splash water, vibration resistance and suitability for deep-freezing

-suitable for mobile and stationary use

-many different equipment variations and extensive configuration possibilities


SH Steelpower- optimum resistance against physical, chemical and mechanical influences

The 15” industrial computer SH Steelpower has the following special features:

-a solid stainless steel case and a display unit behind safety glass

-highest stability due to protection class IP69K

-suitable in food processing,  medicine, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry

-resistance against aggressive chemical cleaning agents, steam and splash water

-extremely slim and resistant case with multi-touch panel

-excellent graphic features and good operating comfort 




DL Powerscan PBT9500


                                            Footage: copyright Datalogic S.p.A.


The company Datalogic has developed the Imager Series PowerScan 9500 specifically for use in the fields of warehousing, transport and logistics as well as in the manufacturing industry.


The name PowerScan stands for highest reliability and a long operating life.



-          quick, omnidirectional reading

-          intuitive aiming equipment

-          calm white illumination

-          movement detection technology

-          ergonomical form

-          reading confirmation (3 green lights / beeper)

-          EASEOFCARE service offers (optional)



Arbor Gladius G5




Perfect for use in field service!


With the Gladius G5 the Arbor Technology Corp. has marketed an extremely robust android-tablet which is especially designed to meet the requirements of employees working in field service. The device weighs 280g .


It offers:


- a 8.0 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED-flash on the reverse side

- a 2.0 megapixel camera in the front side

- an integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner

- contactfree charging (Qi)

- multi-touch-display with anti-reflex-corning gorilla glass

- quad core processor technology

-support of NFC technology

-outstanding battery performance

-an IP65 certified body case

-optional vehicle and desktop holder 

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